Welcome! This website is designed to provide practical legal information and resources for non-profit and pregnancy resource center leaders (focused on the State of Minnesota).

As a licensed attorney and non-profit leader, I am passionate for “making things legally right.” As Executive Directors and non-profit leaders, we are tasked with multiple responsibilities from Human Resources, Compliance, Fundraiser/Development, Spiritual Leader, Janitor, and more!!! When I began my tenure as a non-profit leader, I was overwhelmed with the mountains of legal issues I encountered (even as a licensed attorney). I am guessing there are many non-profit leaders that may not be aware of the countless legal issues facing them on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

After spending hours working on these issues and collaborating with other non-profit leaders on similar issues, I wanted to create a place to share what I have learned and make others in similar positions aware of such important legal issues. Therefore, this website was born.

Resource List:

  1. Minnesota Attorney General’s Office
  2. Minnesota Chapter 317A
  3. Internal Revenue Service – Charities and Nonprofit Information
  4. Internal Revenue Service – “Stay Exempt” Page for 501(c)(3) exempt organizations